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I know some of you are looking for information about your family trees, and I am including the following information about mine in case it is of use to any of you. Two of my distant ancestors were Mathias Jung and his son Conrad, who’s names were changed to Mathias and Conrad Young, in the early 1700’s when they arrived in the “New World” to start a new life. It is believed that Conrad was born aboard the ship on the trip across the Atlantic.

I recently had some time to kill, and spent most of it digging around for information that would add to what was already known about our family tree. My brother Rob Young had made a file based on information we had compiled from available sources including an old family Bible and other sources. By searching www.familysearch.org and www.ancestry.com . I was able to fill in a few holes, and also find several references to the family by searching files submitted in Germany about the Jung family. We already knew that Mathias Jung was a distant relative and an interesting one at that. He was one of the cofounders of the city of Lancaster, PA. I have included some information from http://www.zianet.com/jmcdgwin/Young.htm a site that clearly should be taken as the best and most proven information about the Young family in America. Thanks cousin John. Although I have tried to make my information as accurate as possible, please consider it to be a “beta” file. The information from Mathias going this way is pretty much true, but with a few double entries and the like. The information earlier than the 1600’s should be taken with a grain of salt, since early record keeping had to be questionable. I am presenting it however and welcome your thoughts.

When doing my research on Ancestry.com I found a feature that would link an ancestor to famous people. If I were to believe everything there, I am a distant cousin of George W. Bush. Curses! Personally, I think that there are so many people out there trying to prove their linage back to Adam and Eve that some try just a little too hard and there is a bit of speculation going on here. In the end most of us are related if we go back far enough, but proving it is impossible.

The best way to view the information is to follow the link below and download the gedcom file and open it with your Family tree software. If you don’t have such software free software capable of opening the file is available here.

I can be contacted here.  My thanks to those of you who have e mailed me.  I have met several distant cousins this way.

Here is the information I have to offer:

The Young family tree presented a self extracting zip file.  Burn the unzipped files to a CD and look around.  Be sure to specify where you want the files placed before unzipping.

I would like to recommend the book:

  • John Young: Lieutenant at Elk by Orton Jones, Mountain State Press, Charleston, WV, 1994 (ISBN: 0-941092-31-3). This book was long out of print, but now seems to be available again from a few of the larger book sellers. An internet search will point you in the right direction. I thoroughly enjoyed the book as a good read, but it also tells the story of Mathias and other members of the family.

R. L. Young Ella M. Sharp